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Terms and Conditions

specvet.spb.ru is designed to be an informational directory that offers contact information and data about millions of stores and businesses throughout the USA.

We provide data on our website for reference purposes only. Store hours, location info may not be accurate or outdated. We do not take any responsibility for any data or services provided on our website.

This site may earn compensation through business referrals and advertising. However, we do not officially recommend any particular vendor.

We may also earn money from different affiliate programs and from Google Adsense.

Informational Content Disclaimer

IMPORTANT: Some of the content on specvet.spb.ru is user-generated, and we are not responsible for the quality of the information provided. All content on specvet.spb.ru is provided for general informational purposes only and should never be used as authoritative legal, medical, financial, or healthcare information or advice.

The reviews and ratings posted on our site are real ratings posted by our visitors. They are the opinions of our visitors. We do not endorse or validate any specific review or rating.

Our website contains third party data and we are not responsible for any third party data or links.

Trademark Disclaimer

We provide store hours, location info, maps and direction information for stores and restaurants in different parts of the country. All trademarks remain property of their respective holders. We don't maintain any any relationship between the holders of the names and trademarks mentioned on our site.

IP Address Monitoring Statement

We track the locations of our visitors thru IP address monitoring for the sole purpose of providing the distance to the nearest location and we do not store or maintain any visitor info once visitor leaves our website.

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Our terms and condition are subject to change without notice.